Layout Characteristics of the production line:
Using manipulator and visual inspection to arrange irregularly arranged items or bags in an orderly manner has the characteristics of high speed, high accuracy, small space and high degree of automation.
Scope of application:
This types of production line is suitable for small and medium-sized bags which are loose and non-cohesive granular materials in pharmaceutical, food and daily chemical industries and have measurement requirements. Such as: granules, cereals, coffee, etc; crystalline materials (monosodium glutamate, sugar, salt, etc.); pellet materials (Chinese patent medicine, desiccant, etc.).
Note: Innovative design can be carried out according to the needs of different customers.
Main Performance and Structural Characteristics:
1. The packaging forms of automatic feeding, opening, entering, batching, sealing and rejecting are adopted, which are compact and reasonable in structure and simple in operation adjustment.
2. Servo/stepper motor, touch screen and PLC programmable control system are adopted. Man-machine interface display is more clear and easy to operate, highly automated and more humanized.
3. Using the photoelectric automatic detection and tracking system, empty bags can not be packed without boxes, saving packaging materials;
4. The packaging range is large, and the adjustment is convenient. Fast conversion can be achieved between various specifications and sizes.
5. Replacing specifications can be achieved by adjusting without changing dies.
6. It is safer and more reliable to adopt automatic shutdown and overload protection device for main drive motor when articles are not in place.
7. Up-turning safety shield can be used according to customer's requirements. It is easy to operate and beautiful in appearance.
8. It can realize linkage production with vertical packaging machine, bag-feeding packaging machine, horizontal packaging machine, three-dimensional packaging machine, labeling machine, jet printer, on-line weighing instrument, other production lines and other equipment.
9. Various automatic feeders and boxes feeding systems can be designed according to packaging requirements.
10. Hot melt glue machine can be selected according to customer's requirements. Hot melt glue spray and mechanical brush glue sealing boxes are used.

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