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Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) and Nondestructive Testing (NDT) are non-invasive methods used to evaluate the extent of damage or defects in engineered structures.  These techniques often provide information about conditions not observable using visual inspection alone.,basketball-on-paper-español


A comprehensive investigation of structural problems is often achieved through a careful mix of visual inspection, NDE/NDT, laboratory testing, and minimally intrusive material sampling. Properly managed, this approach is often more cost effective and informative than a more traditional investigation. Some of the most common applications include:,best-gamble-website

free-tennis-games-pc, Floor Slabs & Pavements

  • Locating dowel bars, subsurface voids and internal delamination
  • Identifying defects such as voids, low thickness and poor subgrade

Concrete Structures,indian-kabaddi-players-list

  • Locating embedded steel and assessing corrosion
  • Identifying cold joints, poor consolidation, and areas of deterioration

how-to-draw-a-football-step-by-step,Masonry Structures

  • Evaluating presence of reinforcing bars and grout in CMU walls

da-soccer-news,college football hot picks for today has been at the forefront of designing and refining the application of sophisticated NDE/NDT methods. We have the versatility, depth of knowledge, and breadth of experience to effectively execute your structural evaluation program incorporating NDE/NDT.