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Dr. Jose Pacheco is the Principal & Group Director of Concrete & Cement-Based Materials at bel vs ger in Skokie, IL, US. Dr. Pacheco has been a RILEM senior member since 2015. He has been active in several RILEM Technical Committees (TCs), such as, 235-CTCCorrosion initiating chloride threshold concentrations in concrete262-SCICharacteristics of the steel/concrete interface and their effect on initiation of chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion270-CIMBenchmarking Chloride Ingress Models on Real-life Case Studies: Theory and Practice281-CCC: Carbonation of concrete with supplementary cementitious materials285-TMSTest method for concrete durability under combined role of sulphate and chloride ions.

bel vs ger,football website template  is an engineering, architecture, and materials science consulting firm with over 100+ years of history as it was formed after the research laboratories of the Portland Cement Association (PCA). bel vs ger’s laboratory facilities are internationally recognized as one of the most comprehensive testing and research facilities in cementitious materials, chemical admixtures, mortars, construction products and structural systems

The interview below was offered by Dr Pacheco from his office in Illinois on 17 Nov 2020.,dafabet login kenya

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Dr. Pacheco: Well, my first experience in a technical committee was with RILEM while I was doing my PhD research. The way they are set up is more a fast-track approach where a committee forms for about 5 years and it addresses any specific topic on whatever research interest the TC Chair and Deputy-Chair may have. People join in or they are invited to participate. That is very engaging because anyone that is involved in that particular committee knows that we are addressing one single issue and that only issue at that particular time in that committee. After 5 years, depending on how the committee goes, there could be some publications, even conferences or some sort of events publicizing the research outcomes and that give a platform for people who had participated to elaborate on their own findings and professional opinion of the topic. In ACI, the structure is different: there are long standing committees that address a topic but in a more general way. There are task groups and specific fast-track opportunities within ACI that are somehow similar to RILEM. For instance, there is a long-standing “corrosion” committee in ACI that has recently established a task group addressing something very similar to what I was doing in my RILEM 235 committee (editor’s note: Dr Pacheco refers to TC 235-CTCCorrosion initiating chloride threshold concentrations in concrete) almost 8 years ago. So that was part of the reason why I think they are different approaches to research studies and industry views on certain topics. The balance of people in the committee is also different: whereas in RILEM is mostly academics and people that in some way are involved in commercial research or research institutions; ACI has a broader landscape where there are people that are engineers, researchers (obviously!), manufacturers, people representing owners like the government of some organisation that do not have the research interest in itself but they are part of the industry.

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Dr. Pacheco: Sometimes the crime cannot be solved! That is what actually happened with TC 235-CTC. Let’s put it this way: we were not able to solve the crime the way we wanted and then this new committee that Ueli Angst and Mette Geiker started (editor’s note: RILEM TC 262-SCI: Characteristics of the steel/concrete interface and their effect on initiation of chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion) contains many members of TC 235 that continued working on this topic plus new members that is always exciting. I am really looking forward to seeing what the next committee is going to be about, how it is going to be formed and all of that!

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Dr. Pacheco: There is a ton of them! I am trying to think about a recent one, but before this, let me say something: one of the greatest benefit of being a RILEM member is to have access to the Materials and Structures journal and to be able to get a hold of the RILEM Proceedings. They have a ton of great information. Since I am in a corrosion-type industry position, there is a bunch of RILEM documents that I have here (editor’s note: at this point Dr Pacheco was literally looking at his bookshelves in his office to read the titles) that helps me tremendously with my career. I refer to the work published by Dr Carmen Andrade and Dr Maria Cruz Alonso from Spain, work from Luping Tang from Chalmers University, I do not want to miss anyone but once you start… obviously my PhD adviser Rob Polder, and the group of people that he has always worked with: Ueli Angst , late professor Luca Bertolini… I am sorry if I am missing someone.

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RIM: If we can travel to Merida next year (editor’s note: the 75th RILEM Annual Week in 2021 in Merida, Mexico, is organised as a hybrid – on-line and in person – conference), you will have the opportunity to see many RILEM books exposed at the RILEM desk during the event.

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