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soccer live score results for yesterday assisted in the construction of the Oakland Bay Bridge by working on major mass concrete development for the foundation. The San Francisco- Oakland Bay Bridge’s W2 foundation required specific and controlled procedures to avoid the overheating of the massive concrete placement.,football-scores-sec

1-football,soccer live score results for yesterday installed a cooling system of more than 12,000 ft of the thermocouple wiring in the multiple pile, footing, and column placements to reduce cooling times and to speed up construction. There were 40 separate concrete placements over a 12-month period, each footing consisted of approximately 675 truckloads of concrete placed during a 36-hour period.

india-all-cricket-players-name-list,soccer live score results for yesterday proposed and implemented a redundant system designed to insure quality, contiguous data, which was vital in the management of the construction site during the Bay Area’s winter weather. Likewise, redundant sensors were installed to maintain integrity throughout the concrete placement and curing phase. Over the duration of the entire project, data was continuously logged and reported to the clients and the resident engineer to show that the temperatures and the temperature differences were not excessive.